GET SNATCHED JUICES - Frequently Asked Question

Most frequently asked question about our snatched juices and detox teas. I drunk 1 gallon of juice or tea just as you instructed and I didn't lose any weight, so why it didn't work? 

When it comes to losing weight it takes dedication and consistency. Drinking 1 gallon of juice is not going to shed years of stored fat. It is a process. Our get snatched juices are plant based (no laxatives or senna) so its a natural process. The juices are to aid you in your weight loss journey, by decreasing your appetite and cravings, so you can make healthy food choices, boosting your metabolism, to burn stored fat and  increasing your energy to get you moving your body more. (exercise) Most clients see inches loss before pounds loss and that varies between customers 1 - 5 inches.

It also depends on how much you drink (8oz or 16oz), and how often you drink it, (2 times a day or 3 times a day).  So yes results vary and it may take more than one gallon of get snatched juice to achieve your weight loss goals.  Consistency is the key, Contact us and we can help you decide which products are best for you.