Castor Seed Oil

Castor Seed Oil

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Traditionally used as a stimulant laxative, our food-grade
Castor Seed Oil may assist with pain relief, microbiome
balance, nourishing and moisturizing skin, promoting hair
growth, supporting the immune system, aiding constipation,
and assisting relaxation for more restful sleep.*

Our organic, cold pressed, unrefined Castor Seed Oil is
100% pure, vegan, hexane-free, and food grade. It can
be diluted with other carrier oils, or used in pure form,
undiluted. May be applied to the feet, belly button, or used
as a pack.*

To Use As A Castor Seed Pack: Saturate a 2 to 4 inch
thickness of soft flannel cloth with Castor Seed Oil. Place
cloth over desired area on body and cover with plastic
wrap or wax paper. Apply heat with hot water bottle or
heating pad on low. Leave in place at least one hour, or
overnight if necessary.*

*product of HBNaturals

• Keep out of reach of children.
• Consult with a physician before use if you have a serious
medical condition or use prescription medications.